if you don’t see an item on this list, it does not mean that it can’t be done. I’ve repaired: outdoor umbrellas, stuffed animals, leather purses, threadbare shirts, 100-year-old quilts, socks, plastic visors, stuffed animals, and even a leather ottoman from the 60s.

when you’re ready, book here.

Have questions? email me with questions at alyxjacobsrepair@gmail.com

rush fees:

30% upcharge for 7-10 days
40% upcharge for 2-6 days
50%  upcharge for next day
100% upcharge for same day (god forbid)


seam repair                                           $25+

hole (smaller than a quarter)               $25

hole (larger than a quarter)                $30+

darning (by hand)                                $35+

decorative patching                               $45+

visible mending                                      $45+


consult/fitting fee  (book here)              $15

bring in non-denim waist                   $35+

replace elastic                                      $35+

simple hem                                            $30

complex hem (slits, etc.)                       $35

shorten straps                                       $45

formal dress hem                        $30/layer

taper pant leg                                         $35

replace hoodie cuff                           $20/ea

button replacement                          $10/ea


slider replacement                                 $25

zipper repair                                          $25

denim zipper replacement                    $75

zipper replacement                             $35+
(dress, pants, skirt)

jacket zipper replacement                      $75


darning small hole                                  $25

darning dime-sized hole                       $35

darning larger holes                             $45+

swiss darning small hole                       $35

swiss darning dime-sized hole            $45+

swiss darning larger holes                    $55+


indigo small item                            $25 - $45

indigo large item                         $35 - $50

other natural dyes        determined by wof

procion mx dye            determined by wof

large custom orders     contact for pricing

denim repair

small crotch hole                                 $35
(by base of zipper)

denim zipper replacement                 $75

denim hem                                           $30

original denim hem                            $40

torn pocket (remove pocket)              $40

buttonhole repair                                 $30

seat repair                                             $55
(both cheeks + future-proofing)

large tear under back pocket      $65 - $85

corner tears above pocket       $25, $10 per

knee/thigh darning                     $55 - $65

bring in waist on denim                       $75

missing button                                     $25

quilt repair

vintage + antique quilt repair  

replace blocks/patching

byoqt (bring your own quilt top)

replace binding

book a consult

each repair is unique, it is often difficult to set a price for each until I see each individual garment. these prices are estimates until i am able to look over your garment.

Are you a vintage seller? let’s work together to say 🖕 to fast-fashion

I offer discounts for vintage sellers! Let’s chat at alyxjacobsrepair@gmail.com