KDOT Elderly Driving

Aency Work
We were tasked with developing a poste that helps encourage voluntary acceptance of not driving and using other transportation options. These posters would be displayed a senior centers across the state.

Creative needed to be eye-catching with a strong headline statement followed by a transition to stats or factual information:

  • KDOT has suggested we create a poster that lists all the expenses that go along with owning and maintaining a
  • vehicle. Show cost of owning car vs. cost of other transportation options. Emphasize the cost savings and what else
  • they could do with that money if they didn’t have to pay for car.
  • o Additionally, they would like us to make sure there is a positive message about letting someone else do the driving.
  • Less anxiety (would they feel safer if someone else drove?), no liability risks, opportunity to socialize and meet new
  • people, cost savings on car maintenance, etc.
Many concepts were presented to the client and we went through many rounds to get to the final product. The green, gas guzzler concept was my favorite, visually and internally. Though, the client chose the option below.

Chosen concept: