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We proposed that PetAg launch a national program that helps recruit and support Foster Pet Parents for Pet Shelters across the
country. This will built loyalty among the users of replacement milk, the core product of PetAg. The other intention of this program was to
increase the population of fosters, hence the market size of loyal customers of PetAg.

Our goal was to provide a program that encouraged new fostering, recognized the great work by current foster parents, and to educate all on the best ways to provide a safe and caring home. We know that when an animal feels safe, and nurtured, they're more likely to get adopted. By developing a program that supports and gives back to the foster community we are giving animals a much greater
opportunity for a better life.

This program recognized the current foster heroes in America who have opened up their homes to orphaned pets and recruit new
homes to follow their lead. This program allowed PetAg to accomplish these things:

•Shine a light on the thousands of foster homes and bring their stories to life. Also, develop ambassadors and advocates for foster pet care.
•Encouraged new foster homes with welcome kits, educational content and connections to local shelters.
•With Sign-up of current homes and prospective homes we will develop a database of current and prospective foster homes that we can reach out to and reward.
•Loyalty – We will show loyalty to foster homes and the work shelters are doing to place animals across the country. In turn, we would grow the loyalty that many of these individuals would have towards PetAg products.