Boys Grow


I was connected with Boys Grow in 2015 when I was a designer at a local t-shirt shop. I worked with one of the boys in the program to design an *insane* CMYK process printed shirt that screamed "Killer Kale" in a horror-movie style typeface with a butcher knife chopping a bunch of kale in half. After the owner of the business let this shirt design fly, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this company. Boys Grow is a program that hires inner-city boys to work on their farm to learn how to get and hold job, while also learning business and entrepreneur skills. As Boys Grow has matured, they've adopted multiple facets to their curriculum. All of the boys are working on the farm, but there are some boys that are more interested in cooking with the farm-grown vegetables, while others are more interested in product design of the sauces that they're creating.