Anna Van Gheem


THE MORE CROOKED OUR TEETH GET was inspired by the naïveté of a high school relationship and the rekindling adolescent romance as method of escape and fantasy. Being in love with the idea of being in love is a self-deluded notion that taps into the imaginary of our youth and provides us with a release from the realities of adulthood and aging. The designs in this collection emphasize the ethereality of childhood —focusing on the ideal and the romanticized, — and highlight the inadequacy of clinging onto naïveté and innocence through hinting at the inevitability of aging. The collection uses oversized and simplified silhouettes as well as bright colors to convey the play and lightheartedness of youth. The designs are paired with contrasting accessories such as geriatric tennis shoes and trouser socks that stress the passing of time. THE MORE CROOKED OUR TEETH GET focuses on these parallels through the inclusion of unconventional materials, such as feathers, laser-cut acetate, neoprene, and vinyl heat transfers.