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My name is Alyx Jacobs, I am a quilter, designer and natural dyer from Kansas City, MO. As a maker, I am delicate, thoughtful, and detailed. As a person, I am honest, bold and sarcastic. The dichotomy between my work and personality makes me a better maker with each piece that I create. Creating a world where utility and design come together as a necessity rather than desire is what I strive to do with each of my pieces.

Being an artist has never been something that I consciously think about. My mom raised us in a super creative household. We were always scrapbooking, taking funny family photos for the holidays and she lovingly supported me through my weird, yet necessary emo-photographs-on-train tracks phase. All of these things have come together to make me who I am today. In my late teens, I was making film photos and spent a lot of time in my room making edgy stop motion films, which is what got me into Kansas City Art Institute. Once at KCAI, I fell in love with printmaking, letterpress and after much deliberation, decided on Graphic Design for my major. Something about my design work was sterile and I felt that I needed to bring more tactility back into my studio practice. I did a major plus in the Fiber department and completely fell in love with quilting and natural dye. I continue to work as a designer and in my studio practice, I quilt, repair clothes, and do natural dye.


Art Director at JNA Advertising 2020 - present
BFA in Graphic Design, Kansas City Art Institute, 2016
    Major + in Fiber, with an emphasis in natural dye and quilting
Admissions Counselor for KCAI 2016 - 2020
Freelance Graphic Designer
    Clients include: Boys Grow, Plato’s Closet Mission, Journey Pro, Kansas City Textile   Center, The Moxie Mix, Yeiser Art Center, Kim Eichler-Messmer and many more.

Shows & Work / 
Ten Plus One, Kansas City Art Institute, 2015
Slow Down Pop-Up, Solo Show and Pop-Up Shop, 2016
Studied with indigo dyer and researcher, Donna Hardy, 2017
Preflight, Kansas City Art Institute, 2016
Work featured at Crema Lab, Kansas City, MO, 2017
Work featured in Cafe Europa, Kansas City, MO, 2017
I Don’t Mean to Start Where I Began, Kansas City, MO. 2018
Dyeing for MADI apparel, Kansas City, MO. 2018 - present
Dyeing for PineApple Squares, Kansas City, MO 2018
Indigo Workshops, Summer 2019, 2020, 2021
Co-Taught Mending classes with KCTAC, 2019
Planned and Hosted the Clothing & Self Care Goods Swap, December 2019
Slowly Made: A Collection of Sashiko Stitched and Indigo-Dyed Quilts, The Ekru Project 2021

Features /
FOLK Magazine Article, Hands Dyed Blue, 2017

Better KC feature, KCTV5, 2019

Awards & Grants /
A11 Award Winner, 2015
AIGA Kansas City Awards Archive, NAMA Library, 2015
Cary C. Goodman Grant Recipient, KCAI 2016
Travel Enrichment Scholarship Recipient, KCMQG 2016